Brother vs Singer Sewing Machines

Brother and Singer sewing machines are two well known and affordably priced sewing machines and they have machines that will suit almost all needs.

When you start your sewing journey you’ll see a lot of machines, but two brands will pop up a lot, particularly if you are shopping online – Brother and Singer sewing machines are two well known and affordably priced sewing machine brands and they have machines that will suit most needs.

Both brands target the home sewing niche and rely heavily on the internet to sell their machines so most of these brands’ models are available somewhere online.

This is opposed to other brands like Baby Lock or Husqvarna Viking that are sold through dealers only, and are considerably higher priced.

Brother Sewing Machines

Brother is a well known brand with dozens of sewing machines suitable for beginners, advanced sewers, quilters, and this brand also has a popular serger sewing machine. The best selling sewing machine on Amazon right now is the Brother CS6000i – an affordably priced machine perfect for a beginner or advanced seamstress.

The Brother CS6000i is about $150, but Brother also has machines that are over $1,000 like the SE1800 sewing and embroidery machine.

Brother CS6000iBrother SE1800

The Brother brand is known for incorporating high technology into even its basic sewing machines. Brother has been a successful with the home sewing market because it provides affordable machines with a myriad of features.

They create slightly different versions of the same model, which keeps costs low but provides a wide range of choices for various needs as you can see above. You can get started with a basic machine and move up in cost and features as needed.

Singer Sewing Machines

Singer is possibly the most famous brand of sewing machines and the most well known. It was established in 1851 so we are coming up on 200 years of sewing machine history. Its name is synonymous with sewing.

The Singer 7258 is their best selling machine on Amazon – a reasonably priced beginner machine with 100 built-in stitches and other convenience features.

The Singer 7258 is an entry level machine that is priced under $200, but Singer also has models in the $1,000 range and up, like the Singer SE300.

Singer 7258Singer SE300

With that being said, it is similar to Brother because it has a wide range of models which can satisfy beginners and experts.

Singer and Brother have similar strategies but Singer gets to play on their history which gives them somewhat of an advantage.

Is One Better Than the Other?

I think the Brother vs. Singer debate is kind of like Coke vs. Pepsi or apples vs. oranges. SoBrother vs. Sergerme like one and some like the other.

Both make a lot of machines targeting beginners and hope you’ll move up to a more advanced model of their brand as you gain experience.

I have a brother sewing machine that I do most of my sewing on and I also own a Brother Serger and I love them both. But I am positive that if I owned the Singer model that is similar in features, I would not be disappointed.

What is most important is to find out what it is you are looking for in a sewing machine and then narrow it down from there.

Don’t focus on a particular brand if you are a novice because there are so many awesome machines out there that will suit you.

Narrow down the features that you really want – computerized vs mechanical or do you need a heavy duty machine for sewing thick fabrics like denim or upholstery? Or maybe you are on a tight budget and need a simple machine that costs under $100. You could also buy a straight stitch machine and ditch all the fancy bells and whistles.

And of course, there are other brands as well – Janome and Juki are two other brands that have excellent machines for all experience levels.