Brother Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother sewing machines are well-known and they offer sewing machines in every price range. You can get a lower end starter machine under $100 or a high-priced quilting and embroidery machine for well over $500. Brother also makes a serger that is very popular and reasonably priced.

The #1 selling sewing machine on Amazon right now is a Brother.

Brother sewing machines can be found everywhere – at your local sewing store, at Walmart, Target, and other big box stores, and at all online outlets like Amazon, Overstock, etc. I’ve heard some people say that you should always buy your sewing machine at a local sewing machine shop, but I disagree. The machine I currently use is a Brother and I bought it online. I have had no issues with it in over 3 years of use.

Below are my in-depth reviews of various Brother sewing machines. Please click on any of the articles to read more.